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A family company "GRUBIN" started its activity in 1930s, as a small craft workshop. In 1980s, it started producing the anatomic footwear which is now its core activity. Since then, it has been recording a continuous growth and improvement of production; it means that "GRUBIN" today is a leader in anatomic footwear production in this region.

In its production program, "GRUBIN" has dozens of products of children's, women's and men's anatomic footwear. The main characteristic of all models is anatomically shaped bed for foot, inspired with the shape of health human foot; it was realized in collaboration with the orthopedic experts and institutions from this medical area. Anatomically shaped bed, while wearing, sets the foot in natural position, providing better posture, proper position of the spine and makes easier all efforts appearing in every day's walking or long standing.

Our long-term strategy is neverending improvement in quality, tracking and involving all technical and technological inovations in production, as well as spreading our activity to more and more aspects related to the human foot health. Apart of anatomic footwear, "GRUBIN" offers a number of helping tools, anatomic insoles and half-insoles, heel insoles, correctors and toes splitters. We would like especially to underline our production of special corrective individual insoles, produced according to the latest "AMFIT" method. With computerized 3-dimensional feet scanning, our professional stuff determines required shape and suitable hardeness of the insoles. According to the last, we produce personalized insoles for each individual user.

Those personalized insoles may be made also by taking the footprint through a special memory foam.

Except in Serbia, "Grubin" footwear is placed in the markets of Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Russia, Slovakia, Greece, Canada, Australia and Kuwait, with real possibities to be present in the markets of EU countries.

In its composition, the "Grubin" company has 5 retail objects, 2 in Novi Sad and 3 in Belgrade.

By investing in equipment and spreading the production, "Grubin" has significantly increased its production capacities. In its parent plant in Stara Pazova, capacity amounts 800 pairs of footwear daily. By investing and purchasing the factory of footwear in Bela Palanka, we created a possibility for production of 3.000 pairs daily.