The bed for the foot in GRUBIN footwear is produced of cork obtained from Mediterranean oak bark. Natural latex or gum are mixed with cork in order to make the bed to be easy, flexible and capable to absorb the stroke. The bed is covered with suede, especially processed to be soft, comfortable and to have features of absorbtion. The sole is soft, easy, flexible and very long lasting. It reduces contact with hard surfaces and provides full, natural movement of the leg.

Basic material for production of upper parts for GRUBIN anatomic footwear is leather. It is very thick and luxury and in the same time- very soft and comfortable. It is colored and processed with special methods that keep its beauty and uniqueness.

GRUBIN-flor is a kind of material created by the human. It is similar to leather, but under a gentle surface, there are strong fibers. It is particulary comfortable because it provides air circulation and absorbes moisture. Also, it is waterproof, easy for maintenance, economical and very long lasting.

GRUBIN-felt is a fibrous material. It is porous enough to provide air circulation, and solid enough to keep the leg warm and in good feeling. Footwear GRUBIN-felt is an ideal solution as a home slipper during winter.